Long-Term Travel: What to Pack by Joshua Berk

Traveling for an extended period of time requires a unique approach: this list attempts to synthesize and condense the result of my research, with a few major themes in mind: independence, comfort, and sustainability. My itinerary consisted of moving between areas frequently while also living affordably, which required discipline and minimalism. If you find this useful, please make purchases from the provided Amazon affiliate links.

A few caveats — what you pack will be determined by many things: the region, type of trip, sleeping accommodations (hostel vs. camping), travel partners, etc. Feedback welcome! –– This list is updated before/after each trip, and is intended for international backpacking + camping.

Organization: Step #1

  • Boreas Backpack: Ultralight, compact, durable, and versatile. Choosing a pack might be the greatest challenge — time invested in this choice will be VERY well spent. Important: Choose what suits your body fit. Most people would suffice w/34L!
  • MountainSmith Rain Cover: If a cover isn’t included w/your bag, useful for other “bag like” purposes than covering your pack (e.g. laundry).
  • Eagle Creek Travel Gear Pack-It Specter Cube Set (2): Beyond essential for remaining organized, maximizing usable space in the pack — these are ultra-light and water-resistant — try nesting your cubes. #inception
  • Aloksak Bags (Multi-Pack, Small): Stores assorted items/toiletries. Waterproof seal.
  • Eagle Creek Undercover Money Belt: On-person storage for passport, wallet, etc.

Clothing: Step #2

Emergency Preparedness: Step #3

Food & Nutrition: Step #4

Electronics & Gadgetry: Step #5


OTHER Things to Consider: Step #5

  • VISA: Get them at each border. Easy, quick, zero confusion, w/exceptions (e.g. Burma).

Pack your bag to gauge available space — double check that everything’s snug. Also: Buying all this from Amazon records the transactions in one place, making any possible insurance claims quick/painless. Worth noting: this list is TSA compliant for carry-on. Happy travels, friends!

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