In Studios @ WZBC

As a radio DJWZBC, my friends and I broadcasted an eclectic blend of music in a weekly (three hour) program to the greater Boston area. The station is completely operated by full-time undergraduates at Boston College. Working there taught us to value and appreciate the diversity of ideas, opinions and tastes of our community. The playlist (above) includes some samples of the performances that visited our studio, and the on-air show could be similar to what I would've selected myself. Programming is on all the time -- listen for yourself!

It's Not Unusual: Music Video

Sean Meehan, a roommate of mine at Boston College, also happens to be a wildly talented director at Cross River Pictures. This video we made together (mostly him) was for an editing course -- purely as an excuse to dance like buffoons. Without further ado, please enjoy "It's Not Unusual" by Tom Jones.

To inquire about filming needs for your business, please say hello to Sean!

Credits: Joshua Bolduc, Christine Doonan, Christie Hegermiller, Sheila Sullivan, and Dan Ruemenapp.